Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Virtual Mommy

I have been gone for over a week now. For G we have realized that 'out of sight' is more likely to lead to 'out of mind', which makes the week go more smoothly. I did talk with her twice last weekend and this morning (her 'Friday' night) she had asked if she could talk with me. I was thrilled. I miss her and was very happy to see her smiling face. She lit up when I came on the screen. (Skype is a wonderful thing.) We talked and made faces for a few minutes, the faces punctuated by peals of laughter, true music to my heart. She then stopped talking, but didn't want me to hang up. J and I talked for a while and she stayed near by, but played a game on her own. Every time I suggested that she could hang up she would object. I finally clued in that just hearing the two of us talking near her was comforting and 'normal'. She showed me the Mothers Day card she made for me (tomorrow is Mothers Day in the Arab world). I got to join in the blessing before dinner and sit at the table with her while she ate. Ah, to virtual parenting. It was eventually time for her to get into jammies and start the process of heading to bed. She didn't want to give up any of the good stuff before bed so reluctantly told me good-bye (and subsequently pressing the red button, one of her favorite features of Skype - getting to 'hang up' herself). I miss her bunches and am thankful for the ability to be virtual mommy for an hour.

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  1. You are so strong. That must be so hard. You have the right attitude to be thankful and cherish the little things. Skype is great. It is amazing how you can me thousands of miles away but to a child (since they can see you) you are right there with them :)