Sunday, March 24, 2013


Today is Palm Sunday. There have not been any hosannas since Shrove Tuesday. Today is a day of celebration. Have a parade. Shout 'Hosanna!' Wave palm branches. Celebrate!

Thursday and Friday will have plenty of heart break and sadness, but not today. As next weekend unfolds there is plenty of angst, but no today.

So, why are there churches that choose to bring Thursday and Friday into their parades? Why are there churches that don't focus on the celebration, shouting and waving?

I have no idea.

OK, that is only mostly true. I do understand the some congregations do not gather at all between today and next Sunday and rather than go from one celebration to the next, without understanding the importance of Easter they squeeze a bit of the story in today.

The church I worshiped with this morning does have a gathering both Thursday and Friday so I am baffled why they had to be brought in today.

I missed the parade. I missed the whooping it up. I missed shouting "Hosanna!" after so many days of quiet reflection. I want Palm Sunday. Thursday will come soon enough.   

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