Thursday, March 1, 2012

Let It Begin

March SOLC

March is here. How did it begin? I fell asleep on the couch last night. My husband and I had been talking. He got up to go to bed. I was right behind him. And then I put my head down for a minute. Hmmm…

Usually when this happens I awaken in the wee hours and either pull a blanket over me or trip up the stairs to bed. Not in March. I didn't wake up until well after 6 a.m. What does this mean for the incoming month? I have no idea.

What I can say for March 2012 is that it arrived much sooner then it usually does. Generally the time between returning from Christmas Break and heading out for Spring Break seems to take 4 or 5 months. Yesterday afternoon, as I changed my classroom calendar to March I thought 'Wow, that went fast!'

March will bring…
The completion of NVSF5th culminating with our local Science Fair
World Read Aloud Day
Completing my first COETAIL course
A birthday
Spring Break trip to see dear friends in Belfast
Hopefully announcing my job for next year
A month of playing with my toddler
And moments, slices, of life to pay attention to and then put into words


  1. Yay! I'm glad to see that you'll be slicing with the challenge too. March looks like it'll be a busy month for you!I can't believe that it's March already... :)

  2. I'll be busy in March as well, but this year March did not seem to come so fast for me. February went by quite slowly. Unlike most years. Here's to sharing our thoughts, moments, musings.....

  3. Wow, what a list! You are going to be busy this month! I am a second year teacher and I thought my life was hectic. I hope you have a chance to come up for a breath and enjoy a few things along the way!

  4. I agree - March came quick.
    Playing with your toddler should both quicken and slow down your days. Keep an eye out for those magical moments.

  5. Usually it's can't come quickly enough but the nice weather in chicago has seemed to speed it along. I love March-gets rid of a bad case of the JanFebs.

  6. Just realized that for all of you in the States you have holidays between Christmas (Winter) Break and Spring Break. Not us! We go straight through from one to the other. Does that change your perspective? :)

  7. This is a busy but fun month ahead. Before SOLC March was dreary, just surviving until the warmth of spring (I know you have too much warmth), now this is an exciting adventure, glad you are along for the fun times!

  8. March has arrived with a snowday here in Maine. Enjoy your toddler.

    1. Hello, Heartfeather...another Mainer! We haven't had too many snowdays though. It's been pretty mild and springlike most of this winter!
      Glad to see you have joined.

  9. March jumped me too. Usually this 3rd quarter is our work horse season-all out as we lead up to assessments. I wish we had a break between Christmas and spring break, but in Florida we don't. I'm like you; looking forward to spring break.

  10. March seems to be early to me, too...and yet it was actually a day late.

  11. March is full! I'm so glad you are planning to share slices with us.