Wednesday, March 14, 2012


March SOLC

I am ready for the weekend. TGIW! (We won’t talk about tomorrow being a Virtual Day / P.D. half day.) I have experienced some very amusing things this week. Let me share…

There is a monthly magazine called Destination Jeddah. This month, for the first time, it arrived in individual plastic wrappings. This alone is enough to drive me crazy. Then I looked at the cover.

CIMG1772          CIMG1773

Only in Saudi Arabia, where plastic is a bi-product of oil, could the “Go Green” edition be sheathed in an individual plastic pocket. LOL (and shake your head).


One of my students was absent on Monday (our ‘hump day’). When I saw him Tuesday morning I asked if he had been sick. “No, I needed a vacation” was his reply.

LOL – Must be nice!


And the one that makes me laugh the most…

There is a rumor going around that I will be the Middle School Assistant Principal next year.



  1. Well, that last funny thing seems pretty nice, or is it really humorous? Depends on your POV, I think. We have a student or two take a day off sometimes too. Interesting to think about. Another question for the days before vacation: You really don't do much of anything anyway, do you? Thanks for the chuckles & for stopping by my blog, Kristi!

  2. I was shaking my head at the plastic wrapping, I wonder did they think about the issue when they did that?
    Don't we all need a vacation day once in a while. I need to schedule that.
    As far as the rumor, would you be interested in such a position? Sounds like you could do it. Keep us informed.

  3. I'm always amazed when kids "take the day off" - what an idea! Are you hopeful about this rumor about you? Sounds exciting!

  4. Oh my the plastic wrapping boggles my mind! Are you going to bring that to the attention of the publisher? It doesn't surprise me that kids take a day off, but it's the parents who need a swift kick in the butt. I find that the kids who take those little mental health days are usually the kids who can least afford it. Well written piece, I like reading little tidbits like this.

  5. Thanks for sharing your laughs!

  6. The last rumor has no basis in fact, nor do I want it to. I love teaching and have no desire to be an administrator. (Plus, one in the house is plenty!)

    Now you all are making me laugh.