Sunday, March 11, 2012

Virtual Catch

March SOLC

Living on the other side of the planet from grandparents is nothing like it would have been even 20 years ago. With Skype video calls we have mini visits on a regular basis. We Skype with my in-laws on Sunday evenings (our time), which is before they head to church.

When G hears the computer 'ring' she comes running to see who is calling. Tonight she was excited to see Grandma and Grandpa and happy to tell them about what she had been doing since she got home and who she played with at school. The conversation continued as she ate her dinner - her eating and the adults trying to have a conversation.

Often, when we are talking, Grandpa will play peek-a-boo with her or hide-and-seek (going just off the screen and then popping back) to keep her engaged. She loves it. Now they have a new game that G created - virtual catch.

G decided she was going to throw a 'ball' to Grandpa and wanted him to catch it. Thus began their new game of virtual catch. Sometimes she would throw with two hands, sometimes with just her left or her right. There were times that she instructed Grandpa how many hands he should catch or throw with.

For a two and a half year old this game went on for quite a while. They played for at least ten minutes and the round only ended because she got cut off due to impending bed time.

I think we have a found a new game that will be around for a while. I am excited that she may be showing aptitude for theatre sports. (And perhaps a gig as a mime?)

Anyone up for a game of virtual catch? I'll bring the ball.


  1. Grandpa is a fun guy to create these games to engage your little one. It's probably the most fun he has all day. I know if would be for me. Thank goodness for technology (when it works) to bring the far away home.

  2. I'm sure you thought about what it was like for overseas travelers (missionaries, ambassadors, etc.) in the day when letters, few and far between, were the only way to stay connected. How fortunate that not only can your family Skype, but you have created unique and purposeful means of engaging with far-off family. These are memories to treasure.

  3. HA -- and perhaps a gig as a mine! Made me laugh! But wow -- how creative and what a great opportunity to know her grandparents even though there are miles between you. Love it.

  4. That's fun! We love to Skype with family members who are closer and far away. It's fun. The kids have such a blast. It's amazing how we get creative and up with virtual games to play! Talk about fun and creative in a different dimension!