Monday, March 26, 2012

Good Kid + Bad Choice = ?

March SOLC

I can't publically write about everything much of anything that went on today, but my heart is heavy.

I can say that I have one student who showed amazing maturity in their decisions. They acted and spoke as one much older then their years. They could even articulate their feelings and reasons. Pretty impressive from someone so young and put in an uncomfortable situation. I was glad to sit with the mom as we beamed at how mature the student was acting. ("You should be very proud", I whispered to the mom.)

Unfortunately another student made some really bad choices. Fortunately we found out about them pretty quickly and I am certain they won't make the same mistakes again. It was a hard day. The biggest thing I wanted this parent to leave our meeting knowing was that the child is absolutely still a good kid. They made some bad choices, but everyone does. That does not change that they are a good kid. Hard to end the day wondering how many people involved really believe that. All I can say is, "I do!"


  1. Even though you couldn't say much, you spoke volumes. To me it spoke of your belief in students who sometimes amaze and dismay us with their humanity.

  2. It is so nice when you can look past the immediate choice and see the child beneath. Your unfaltering faith in your students is apparent in your writing.