Saturday, March 24, 2012

Inspired to Link - Palestine edition


Every so often I can't contain it any longer and I have to get on my soap box. This is one of those weeks. I am only sharing a few links - those that I find to be most worth passing along.

Yes, I've been inspired to link. You've been warned!

Map courtesy of the University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin

Kairos Palestine Responds to Michael Oren

We'll start out with the longest and meatiest of the links. If you don't want too much substance, skip to the next one.

Kairos denounces Michael Oren’s recent op-ed published in the Wall Street Journal (9 March 2012). In this inaccurate and manipulative text, Oren, Israel’s ambassador to the US, blames the plight of Palestinian Christians on oppression at the hands of Palestinian Muslims -- rather than at the hands of the illegal Israeli occupation itself, as is our reality.

Palestinians prepare to lose the solar panels that provide a lifeline by Phoebe Greenwood

This is a human interest story. It would be no matter where it took place. People who are cut off from all sources of electricity, except the expensive and stinky (oh, loud too) oil powered generators are given clean, green, silent solar panels, but now they can't keep them.

Imneizil's solar system was built in 2009 by the Spanish NGO Seba at a cost of €30,000 to the Spanish government. According to the Israeli authorities, it was built without a permit.

Somebody needs to tell Newt, so I will. No, they are not an invented people. Don't take my word for it…

I am a Palestinian Christian! from Christ at the Checkpoint on Vimeo.

UN human rights body to probe Israel's settlement activities in West Bank

Netanyahu added that out of 91 decisions made by the UN body to date, 39 dealt with Israel. "Only three of the decisions dealt with Syria".

Hmm, perhaps the large number of decisions focused on Israel should tell you something about the state of human rights within their borders. And, Netanyahu, please notice that the recent atrocities in Syria have been going on for just over a year, not over 60 years.

And finally, a tiny ray of hope…

US lawmakers release $88.6m in Palestinian aid

But, of course, there are strings attached. At least the funds are allowed to help with some basic human needs; health, water projects and food.

March SOLCAnd that's a Slice of Life, from my soap box.

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  1. Sometimes you just have to let it all out!! Thanks for sharing the links. I will have to look at them more carefully later.

  2. It's sad when the tiny ray of hope is conditional. Sometimes you just ask, "Why?"

  3. First, thank you for sharing the links. I read the solar panel one - it saddens me that people are being denied basic power. I can see it is about another kind of power.

  4. Thank you for sharing the links..I can see your passion...I think it is OK to yell and scream when we are passionate about something. That's how the world becomes a better place!

  5. A great informative post! Thanks for all of the links.

  6. It makes me sad to see what is happening in our world.

  7. It makes me sad to see how people treat each other.

  8. Thank you for the links. I think we get so caught up with the immediate in our own part of the world and it is good to stretch and try to understand how it is for others.

  9. International experiences (or experiences within our own communities if we step out of our norm) always have that power to expand our understanding of the world through closely considering how life is different depending on context. I love that many books provide insights into this aspect, and this post is an example of how the Internet has provided even more opportunities for awareness. Thanks!

  10. This one hits close to home. What is going on in Israel is daughter spent a summer traveling and working in the West Bank as part of an Israeli/Palestinian peace organization, what she saw and reported on was unbelievable. She saw forced evictions, and travelled with Palestinians whose daily lives are made humiliating and miserable with endless checkpoints and searches. Then she got to Tel Aviv and ran into a bunch of American teenagers on their "Birthright" Tours. ???!!!! We need to wake up....

  11. Another ray of hope today...

  12. Thanks for your post. It is always good to hear a different perspective, especially on an issue that is so polarizing.

  13. “There comes a time when the world gets quiet and the only thing left is your own heart. So you’d better learn the sound of it. Otherwise you’ll never understand what it’s saying.” — Sarah Dessen as posted on the Two Writing Teachers Blog...

    After reading your post, I am hoping that you posted all of this because you are speaking from your heart about things not right in the world. Thank you for sharing these links and letting people know that things aren't always what they seem-we need to walk a mile in someone else's shoes or try on a different set of lenses!

  14. We often forget that we turn on the same news stations, read the same newspapers, hear the same radio shows every day - which means we are only hearing one perspective. It is so good that you shared these links, nudging us to hear ideas that we simply don't hear much about here in the U.S. Thank you for sharing! It is painful to consider how hard life is for so many in this world - but consider it, we must.

  15. I'm so glad to read from other perspectives, Kristi. It's taken me a while to read all your links, but I did. I am reminded of so many ideas that others share. I had read about the solar taken away on Facebook, so some are sharing. Thanks for this. And thanks for being so supportive on my posts. I haven't had time to read & comment as much as I used to, but I might have more time this coming week. One more week!