Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pinch Me. It Doesn't Seem Real.

March SOLC

I know Spring Break is coming up. I am very aware of how many days of school remain - days I am trying to keep my students focused. Plus, our 5th grade Science Fair is the day before break. (Yes, this is very intentionally planned this way. It helps keep our students from taking off several day early and gives them something to focus on besides vacation.) So, two more weeks.

Two weeks from right now I will be having dinner with our dear friends in Belfast! Pinch me. It just doesn't seem real. These are our closest friends from when I was in grad school and we lived in Vancouver, B.C. We haven't seen each other in four years. Their oldest was just a little one and we haven't met their youngest yet. G can't wait to meet them all.

Why am I writing about this as today's slice? I got to talk with Michelle this afternoon. Just hearing her voice brought a huge grin to my face. Listening to her excitement as she talked about all the things they are thinking about doing will us got me more excited. Quickly remembering British language patterns and slipping back into things like G going to bed at half seven and getting up in the morning between half six and seven. Planning out heavenly bites of chocolate at special places around town (and the boys' outings for beer) made all mouths water.

As I told her, the thing we are looking forward to the most is simply fellowship, time together. Less then two weeks! The conversation today helped, but it still doesn't seem real.


  1. You will have wonderful time. With some friend it is so easy to connect even if you haven't seen them for years. Two weeks will go by quickly.

  2. Memories bring our senses alive. Glad you are able to spend some time with friends. Great idea for keeping the kids focused. We have two weeks to go as well.
    MH at

  3. I am totally counting down the days to my spring break to...only 5 more teaching days! I hope that your science fair goes well! I'm sure that must be a lot of work for you and more for your students.