Friday, March 30, 2012

Moments from our travel day

March SOLC

You know you have a daughter who doesn't watch TV when her response to the inflight safety video is, "that was really good!"

The grand pleasure I find in the freedom to walk while holding my husband's hand.

Boarding our second flight, getting the car seat strapped in, having G put her straps on, and settling in for our short hop from Paris to Dublin only to be told that she couldn't be in the car seat for take off or landing. If she was less then two and we had chosen purchase a seat for her she could sit in a car seat. (It gets better.) If she was three or older she could sit in a car seat, but the regulations stated that no one between the ages of 2 - 3 could be in a car seat. Fortunately there were some empty seats so during take off and landing she had to sit in the airplane seat with the just lap bet, (which she can undo herself). After two minutes she said she was 'all done' and wanted back in her car seat. The results was a crying girl trying to wait for the fasten seat belt sign to turn off.

Walking through the Dublin airport and seeing a pub with more then a dozen taps, the first four Guinness.

Ending the day having 'tea' with our dear friends. We have arrived and are looking forward to our time together - hanging out and exploring Northern Ireland.


  1. Despite the dramas of the flight - sounds wonderful. Enjoy your holiday

  2. Ah, the joys of airplane travel with children. Not easy...but then you have a glorious holiday ahead of you, and you certainly have a lovely place to be!

  3. These snapshots paint a complete picture! This is a great glimpse into an awesome vacation. Enjoy every gorgeous moment of it!

  4. Airplane car seat rules make no sense! I would like to sit in on one of the admin sessions when they come up with these regulations just so i could understand the thought process! Have a safe trip :)