Sunday, March 18, 2012

Inspired to Slice about COETAIL

This post is going multi-purpose.

square_3470183543_linkedIt is Sunday, so this is my "Inspired to Link" day. Right now all I am inspired to do is go to bed as it is way past my bed time. I could have you follow the link over to my course site, but for simplicity I will repost it here. (Does it still count as a link? I know I am stretching it.)

March SOLCSlice of Life? Right now I have thrilled to say I have completed my COETAIL Course 1. For a slice of my life, here is my final project…

I chose a unit that is yet to come this year. I suspect as I mull this over between now and May I will probably make some adjustments, but for the mean time this is what I know…

After Spring Break we launch into an American Revolution unit. I actually have to start with some Colonial Times background knowledge lessons in order for aspects of the American Revolution to make sense. This all culminates at the end of May with a Living Museum.

IMGP7404 IMG_0434

In order to prepare for the Living Museum students will research about a person for the American Revolution. (They are given a list of figures - anyone that they would be able to find enough information to do an acceptable job - and get to tell me their first, second, and third choices. No promises are made, but I try very hard to give each student someone they have selected.) Students use both print resources and online information to gather the needed materials. They practice their note taking skills, paraphrasing and summarizing as they go. The next step is to prepare a speech. This is written in Google Docs, which allows for comments from both myself and their peers during the writing process. Costumes are created and the speech is memorized in preparation for the actual Living Museum.

The presentation of their speeches happens in two different settings. Each student receives a note taking booklet as we have an in class session. This is where each speech is given while the rest of the students take notes I am filling out the rubric. Finally we move to a larger space and setup our actual 'museum' where the rest of the fifth graders and parents are invited to come and hear speeches as the historical figures come alive.

The other aspect of this project is a Prezi. This allows students to incorporate visual elements about their American Revolution figure. It serves as a preview or teaser before a figure 'comes to life' in the Living Museum. They are also available to share with a wider audience.

Those are my thoughts thus far.


  1. Wow! No time to read all this yet (grades are calling), but I'm definitely bookmarking it. I'm trying to think how to work it into our ancient civilizations in 6th grade. Thank you for sharing!!

  2. GREAT IDEAS - I LOVE google docs too!