Sunday, March 22, 2015

A day of tiny slices

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Today I am in need of inspiration. A day of rest didn't seem to stimulate my brain with something that feels worth writing about. So instead of a focused moment, here is my day - made up of many moments.

I got to sleep in this morning, though I heard my daughter whispering to have Daddy get up. I appreciated that they tip toed out. I got to lie there a bit longer, and those moments were treasured.

Our usual pancake breakfast thanks to the other two members of my family. We are out of whole wheat flour and can't find it anywhere right now so they tasted a bit different, but were still appreciated. She is working on cutting hers herself, and mostly succeeding.

The last person to bed has the responsibility of turning on the hot water heater (we don't have enough power to run it with very many other things) so that in the morning there are hot showers available. That didn't happen last night. I had no responsibilities for the service this morning so I waited before taking my shower. The little one had opted to go with Daddy so I could really push the envelope. It bought me a mostly warmish shower. The very brisk walk to church to try and arrive before the service started warmed me up.

After worship and fellowship we ended up back home. Once the monkey was having her rest time I worked on catching up on the Iditarod and fell asleep in the process.
My daughter emerged ready to read me a book and show off her hand stand skills she had been practicing. We then worked on cleaning her room. Daddy had been in the process of making pizza since we had gotten home, which we all enjoyed for dinner.

He then left to play Ultimate and I got to have the conversation about why we don't pour our milk down the sink and then say we have finished it. Fun times. Through tears she told me she didn't like that I said she couldn't have a sweet. I calmly tried to explain that it was her actions that made that decision - a concept not quite firmly grasped in her 5 1/2 year old brain. She also, through tears, claimed that she didn't know [that there would be consequences]. I happened to know this was the second time she had done this. I asked her what Daddy had said last time. "To never do it again!" was the reply, through sniffles. "But I didn't know that you knew!" (This is where a poker face is really important in this mommy gig.)

Bed time routine including her thanking God for moving to new places, amongst her many things she is thankful for. I am thankful that she likes adventures too!
As I tucked her in she asked for it to be tighter, she really like the blanket to feel like snugly cocoon. As I was wedging her arms in as tightly as I could she stopped me and pointed out that she wouldn't be able to read without her arms. At least we don't pretend that she goes straight to sleep.

After working on some details for Spring Break, that still seems far off, but I know will be here soon I wrack my brain to think of a moment to slice about and come up empty. Now that I have written it out there are moments, but only tiny ones. A day of tiny slices.


  1. This is the perfect thing to write about! A slice of your day, so specific as to show it beautifully. I love the line, "But I didn't think you knew!" So of course she should have that sweet. I mean it's only fair! Parenting is such a challenge sometimes. Thanks for a most enjoyable read!

  2. I love how all your minslices were woven into one!

  3. I love that all the mini slices added up to one big slice. You painted a perfect picture of your day.

  4. What a nice day! Your little one sounds charming.

  5. I giggled at the part where your daughter said she did know you knew. I love how clueless kids are!

  6. All of the little slices put together sound like a very satisfying day.

  7. I like your line about the value of the poker face in the mommy gig. All these little slices add up to a big life, don't they?

  8. We had very similar conversations in our neck of the woods today. Our 7 year old is learning that changing your story when you get caught is indeed a lie, and does not change the outcome. We learned to make brownies today, and Daddy finally got home, so I am hoping for a good few hours of rest before back to school I go!