Monday, March 16, 2015

Soundtrack for Life

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I have a friend who often poses a 'Question of the Day' on Facebook. Most of the time an answer pops into my head and often I stop to comment on her post and become part of the conversation. Today she asked, "What song/s, when you hear it, makes you visualize a scene from a movie?"

My initial response was, "Anything from Top Gun is what comes to mind first, but with one a moment's pause I think of the music from The Mission, all Disney movies, and Dirty Dancing."

I knew, even as I was posting my answer that this is what I wanted to write about today. (I had to have family dinner and spend way too many hours at a church council meeting first, but now I'm back… To let you know - just kidding!)

So now that I have songs running through my head and movie scenes playing with them. (I also realized you can add just about any musical to the list as well, not simply Disney.) As I try to shake a moment of quiet into my skull to compose my thoughts I also ponder the soundtrack to my life.

Often songs from worship resurface in my head over and over and over throughout the week. They would probably play on loop longer, but the following week's worship comes and there are new songs to have on repeat.

I spent eighteen summers at summer camp (most summers at several different ones), which leads to a heap load of songs. Only a very few that drove me bonkers, surprisingly. Many times I can join in with others while they sing - the tune identical and sometimes the words have a slight variance.

My husband is a cellist. One of the most wonderful things he can do for me is give me a private concert while I luxuriate in a hot bath.  It doesn't happen often, but when it does I am pretty near heaven. He will often try out a new space with my favorite of the Bach Preludes, knowing that it will cause me to pause and smile.

I haven't even begun to mention handbell music. Have you ever been at a handbell concert sitting next to a ding-a-ling when a piece they know really well is played? They probably start air playing. I know I do!

Music, a huge part of my life. What would be a part of the soundtrack of your life?


  1. Music has such power and although I am having a hard time thinking of a soundtrack of my life I know there are songs that saved me, songs that made me happy when I was sad and songs that bring back beautiful memories, songs that inspire and finally songs that are part of new memories that are created everyday. They remind us of the people and moments in our lives. Thank you for reminding me.

  2. Music is a big part of my life in many ways, but less than it used to be. I used to play the violin and when I heard songs I knew well I couldn't help but move my fingers to air play. In college I studied to music. I could sing the songs in my head and remember answers and topics that I studied while listening to that song. If I had to pick one song to be the soundtrack, I just couldn't. Many songs are important for many reasons. I couldn't pick one...because, I've had the time of my life...just kidding, but really, I can't pick just one.

  3. Music is so powerful! Just yesterday I heard a song on the radio that I hadn't heard in years and it instantly took me back.

  4. What a great connection with universal appeal. When I think of soundtracks, it reminds me of the Taylor Swift Fearless album that for whatever reason is the soundtrack for the Twilight series in my head. Positioned in no other way but in time, music connects things for us that would otherwise fade into the background. Thanks for heightening my awareness of this Tonight.