Monday, March 9, 2015

Birthday Fun

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I will never have to work on my birthday for as long as I teach in Lebanon. Why? March 9th is Teachers' Day and all schools are closed. Pretty great, right? Even better is that school throws a big party for teachers, so I always get a big bash with zero effort on my part, other than showing up.

The party was last night and I boogied until way past my bed time. This morning my husband made sure I could sleep in. When I did get up I was greeted by my daughter running toward me saying, "Happy birthday, Birthday Girl!" This was followed by snuggles and kisses and the presentation of presents from her, which she had wrapped in cloth found in her room - one in a doll blanket and one in an abaya from her dress up bin. The contents? A book she is writing, though it is still in the early stages. The other is a (probably antique) flour sifter that my aunt gave my daughter along with a bunch of other old, aluminum kitchen gadgets.

What you wouldn't know about this flour sifter, without this further explanation, is that it isn't a flour sifter in my daughter's mind. She has decided it is the ultimate bug catcher. You simply leave it sitting in a room and any bug will go into it to check it out. This is your opportunity so wind the crank and kill the bug. Where does she come up with these things?!


  1. Happy Birthday, Kristi! Your birthday sounds fun - day off, party, dancing, and very special gifts.

  2. Oh Leanne would think the flour sifter story was a hoot. It got a huge laugh out of me!

  3. Happy Birthday, Kristi!!!
    How neat that your birthday is also a day celebrating your profession!

  4. Happy Birthday and that is awesome!!!!!