Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Sky Is Falling

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On a beautiful sunny day I am walking down the sidewalk in Beirut when, one step in front of me, a tissue falls from sky. 

I don't even pause to look up and I don't, for even a nanosecond, wonder what has happened. I know the sky is not falling. I am not Chicken Little. I live in Beirut. In Beirut people think absolutely nothing of disposing of something the exact moment they are finished with it, no matter where they are.

Yes, this means garbage is tossed off balconies, out of windows of homes and cars. People toss things as they walk down the street or into the sea. It doesn't really matter what it is. If they are finished with it, it is discarded. At. That. Exact. Moment. Most often are wrappers, cigarettes, plastic water bottles, apple cores, etc.

Trying to raise a child, let alone encourage students to be environmentally conscious is a huge challenge. But at least they don't worry the sky is falling.


  1. Thanks for offering a glimpse into a different world with your slice. I enjoyed your connection with Chicken Little.

  2. This was a little dose of what I take for granted every day. I know there are people who live differently than I do. I know that I have it good and I'm lucky but it's still good to get a little reminder now and then. I'm glad the sky wasn't falling, but still, ew!

  3. I'm glad you didn't get hit with that dirty tissue! :P I felt the opposite when I lived in Japan. People there are so considerate when it comes to garbage, they'll tote trash around in their purse all day until they get home to throw it away. Everyone who smokes has a tiny little portable ash tray pouch thing to dispose of butts instead of throwing them on the street. I thought I was good about garbage, but I had to seriously step up my game! (WW Erin)