Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Moments in my day…

Write, Share, Give

Morning Meeting included two great conversations, sometimes overlapping. We were discussing different cultures (particularly Saudi as they just found out I am headed back there next year) and also the Iditarod as they were expecting to find out the winner today. (We did watch the finish, live, in Nome, Alaska from Beirut, Lebanon - technology is so cool!)

At one point during the discussion a students said to me, "I have a random question that I don't think anyone .will know the answer, but you'll know the answer. Should a Transformer have car insurance or life insurance?" Without missing a beat I replied, "It depends. When they are in vehicle form they need car insurance and in robot form they need life insurance." He thought that was a pretty accurate examination of the situation.

(Ah, class clowns!)


After school my daughter and I were walking to the university playground for her weekly frolic. She was telling me the important things about her day as we walked, holding hands. One of the things she shared with me was that she thought about sucking her thumb, but stopped.

"Great!" I replied, "Especially since you don't suck your thumb any more." PAUSE.
"My teacher told me the same thing during story time today."
"You must have been really tired." I said.
"Mommy, you should only put the stuff on my thumb in the mornings because I don't need to suck then."

As you can imagine, there were tears at bed time when the 'yucky stuff' came out after not being needed for months and months.

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  1. I never had to have yucky stuff put on my thumb. I went cold turkey with it right before kindergarten.

    So, Saudi Arabia next year? Wow!