Saturday, March 28, 2015

Will It Backfire?

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We start "Summertime" (aka Daylight Savings) tonight at midnight. I think I have outsmarted the little one's internal clock.

She had a birthday party this afternoon and they were running and dancing for a good long time. She was tired.

Usually we would have come home and had rest time. Naps no longer happen during rest time, but she does recharge. (Yes, she's an introvert.)

Today I cancelled rest and changed the clocks ahead upon arriving home.

I feel about ready to succumb to my scheme as well. Tomorrow morning I expect will be fine. Even if she wakes up 'early' she will play quietly in her room, especially since she didn't get the chance today. Tomorrow night could be a challenge. Come Monday morning, and the need to be up and functioning for school, we'll find out if the plan backfired.


  1. Smart plan! Here's hoping for no backfire!

  2. Good luck! You never know with kids!