Thursday, March 26, 2015

Not The Post I Expected Write When The Day Began

Write, Share, Give

There are great moments of life that poked up here and there during the events of this afternoon, but the fact that it took me four tries to get the beginning of this sentence in the correct word order with English grammar and spelling tells me that I should not attempt to formulate anything deeper than the basics.

My daughter fell off the monkey bars at school today. (Another kid, heading the opposite direction, put their hand where she was expecting to put hers.) She caught her fall with her wrist. There was a sub in my room all afternoon while I was at the ER. There is a bright green cast on my daughter's wrist for the next three weeks (including our Spring Break in Paris).

Thankfully she is not in pain.
Thankfully we have medical care available.
Thankfully the much needed cleaning of her tonight was successful and the double bagged cast stayed dry.
Thankfully I remembered to post a slice.


  1. So sorry to hear about the accident. Wishing that the three weeks with the cast will go by quickly.

  2. Aw, poor girl! Sorry to hear about your daughter's wrist! Glad she's ok and hopefully the three weeks in the cast will go fast!

  3. It is so upsetting when our children get hurt. Fortunately, they heal so quickly at that age. When my son was in 4th grade, he too fell off the monkey bars and broke his arm. I am glad, though, that schools haven't decided to ban monkey bars as too dangerous.