Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Bedtime Routines

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Bedtime routine for our daughter includes picking out clothes for the next day, specially selected taking into account the weather forecast and what activities will be that day. It also includes putting on pajamas, brushing teeth, reading some books, saying prayers, and getting tucked in.

And then I leave.

There are all kinds of other routines that I can only piece together by what I discover either when I go in as I head to bed in order to turn off a light that has been turned on or in the morning when she emerges from her room.

I know that there is loads of reading that happens by the stack of books I find her in bed with. This is nothing new and will (hopefully) continue for years on end, though the books will get longer so the stack for that night won't need to entail twenty.

There is also a new routine, one which I hope is short lived. She has been changing into her clothes for the next day before she goes to sleep. Her reasoning is that she is then all ready in the morning.

I'm not sure I want to know what she will think of next.


  1. I love that she falls asleep with so many books!

  2. I love that she falls asleep with so many books!

  3. It looks like you have an extremely smart and creative kid on your hands! Mine are now 14-11 and things only get....more unique. They are so funny to watch.

  4. You gave her grandparents a good laugh with that one!!!

  5. The things they come up with! It always amazes me to watch a young mind work and to follow, or try to follow, the train of logic they are riding. I love this story! I can imagine you telling her this story as a teenager and her denying it ever happened. :) These are the stories we remember the most!

  6. What a sweet snapshot of an evening ritual. It's great that she literally surrounds herself with books! You can't really argue with her reasoning about going to sleep dressed for tomorrow. ;) Sounds like you are raising a smart girl!

  7. Ha! I used to put my clothes on to sleep when I was a kid too. Efficiency!