Sunday, March 29, 2015


Write, Share, Give

I read this yesterday and it got me thinking about my own TCK. This is to her, at the age of five and a half…

You know the Lebanese National Anthem, but have no clue as to any line of the Pledge of Allegiance.

An airplane flight isn't long until it is more than nine hours.

In a new place you start to put toilet paper in the garbage can and then ask, just to be sure, what you should do with it.

You expect to be able to talk a price down for something you really want, especially if you are paying for it yourself.

Doing errands that end without at least one nibble of something from a shopkeeper is a strange outing.

You understand the rules of the road and can distinguish between when the rules have to be followed, when they don't, and that which side of the road you're driving on impacts rules about when you can turn. (Yes, you're a back seat driver in the making.)

Your version of "Happy Birthday" has three different languages.

You love adventures, be it for vacation or moving to our next home.

You're still working on which sport people mean when they say 'football', knowing that not everyone is talking about the same thing.


  1. I found the TCK blog post that you referenced to be very interesting - things I'd not really thought about. And I loved all the different aspects you noted as part of G's being a TCK.

  2. Thank you for this post. It has given me much to think about.