Tuesday, March 7, 2017

30th Anniversary - The Abaya Anniversary?

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"Is this a sad day?" I ask my mom, as I come downstairs this morning.

She glances up from her iPad with a puzzled look upon her face, takes a sip of her coffee, the perplexed look remaining.

"It's the seventh" is my reply.

Realization dawns. "I hadn't thought about it."

I turn to her as I open the curtains, "So it wouldn't have been if I hadn't brought it up?"

Today would have been their 30th wedding anniversary. (Melanoma sent him to heaven just over a year ago.) For me, this is one of those days in which the tears will probably NOT come. Grief is funny like that - the days you would expect to stink sail by and the small moments of what would seem like 'normal' life knock you off your feet, the tears overtaking the minutia. 

Mom bought herself a new iPad a while ago and was looking for a way to ditch the old one. I took it knowing that my students or my own child could at least use the camera function. I then realized that with an old Defender case I could utilize the iPad for the Breakout EDU (which I wrote about here) Locks app. While I was getting the iPad ready (updating the iOS, downloading the app, and making sure there isn't anything I don't want students to access) I came across bunches of my mom's pictures. Of course these include Hymnbo (and lots of quilts, but that's another story). I wasn't expecting this. I teared up.

While we are at school today my mom is going on a 'field trip'. (The compound bus takes people shopping every morning to various places.) She is contemplating purchasing a new abaya since she is still here for three more weeks this visit, has plans for a visit in December, and her visa is good for years after that. I told her she should buy it from Hymnbo, as an anniversary present. I'll find out what she decided this afternoon.

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  1. So hard to deal with loss. I have learned so much in my own process.