Thursday, March 9, 2017

All The Things That Can't Be Posted

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The student comments
Both the ones that make you shout, 
and the ones that wretch your heart.

The personal aspects of life
You may deem them
too private
too controversial
too public
too intimate
too ___________ .

And it is in that ________
that I sigh
and pause
and think
and wonder
and pray
and look for something else
that can be posted here.


  1. I had many of these things last year - the writing around them is where we often find the way in - both to tell the story without really telling it and the connection to what we are trying to process.

  2. Very good description of the pre-writing process. Sometimes they seem to write themselves, and sometimes they are way too personal to be shared anywhere. I wonder what we would learn about ourselves if we dared to share all the things we are frightened to share? (It took me a while, but I'm glad I finally found your posts!)

  3. I love what Carrie says here--we write around the things that can't be posted to find a way to tell the story. Carrie is a master of that--I learn so much about writing from reading her blog! This is such a powerful slice, Kristi--I think about this issue a lot, how to write all the things that can't be posted.