Sunday, March 12, 2017

Cats in the Bathroom

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"Please head upstairs and brush your teeth and remember; Grandma is still sleeping." I say to my seven year old as we are on our way out the door for school this morning. As I finish in the kitchen and pass the stairway enroute to my backpack I hear a her singing.

"They all could reflect, that it was very nice
To know that they wouldn't be bothered by mice
They can leave all that to the railway cat
The cat of the railway train."

As I realize that she has the verse nailed she cranks her voice up a few notches to belt out the chorus.

"Skimbleshanks, the railway cat
The cat of the railway train."

The smile cannot be wiped from my face as I rush up the stairs to whisper, "Remember - Grandma is sleeping!"

She stops singing, but the grin is huge and the pride is oozing from her every pore. She knows she nailed it, too.


  1. Lovely slice ... a bit of music dancing off the screen of your blog this morning ... tell her, her voice sounds marvelous out her on the Interwebz.

  2. Oh, I love it. I bet grandma would have liked it too had she woken up. Sweet story. Thank you.

  3. I knew that something had awakened me about that time but all I heard was silence so I went back to sleep!

  4. I had the biggest GRIN on my face reading this sweet post! It reminds my of the times I snuck up to listen to my daughter sing songs from Wicked, Phantom and, more recently, Hamilton, in the shower!

  5. Love those "Cats" tunes, and yes, she nailed it, and brought me back to seeing that wonderful musical. I imagine Grandma liked it too. Thanks, Kristi!

  6. Well, this is lovely. Song and magic in one post. Enjoy.

  7. Aw! This is wonderful and so not what I expected. I love the way music helps us learn and often tell my students I learned to read by learning hymns in church. Keep making music!

  8. Not what I would have predicted from your title.... and I love that. This grandma would love being awaken by that music!