Friday, March 17, 2017

Desert Camping - Saudi Style

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The food is prepared. The car is packed. The gas tank is full. We are off to the desert for a weekend of camping. With my mom visiting for the first time the question wasn't IF we would take her camping, but WHERE. We are headed back here...

The setting is spectacular. The company will be without comparison. And the stars! I can't wait. We're off...


  1. That is awesome ! Please post pictures !

  2. How fabulous! Have a great weekend.

  3. Well, this is a teaser! I sure hope you write more about this adventure.

  4. So cool ... I bet the stars and constellation and galaxies will be amazing at night.

  5. Beautiful location! The photographs can be used (In class) as a provocation for writing.

  6. I'm going camping in death Valley for a week over spring break! I was there in August, and the stars were unbelievable.