Saturday, March 4, 2017

Lions and Tigers and Bears - Oh My!

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"Lions and tigers and... zebra - oh my!"

"Probably not the tigers." 

The adults all paused to think it through. While "The Wizard of Oz" has made the idea of lions and tigers and bears being together, when you stop to think it, a zoo is the only place you are going to find all of these animals together.

Why did this even come up around the table? We are going on safari at Christmas and my daughter was starting to think through the animals she could be seeing. 

Lions and leopards and hippos - oh my! 
Rhinos and giraffe and elephants. 
Hyena and sable and waterbuck. 
Wildebeest and cheetah and meerkat. 
Impala and kudu and warthog.
Zebra and antelope and (geez, there are LOTS of types of antelope that I have never heard of!)

Hmm. Anyone know of a good kid animal ID book for southern Africa?

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  1. How exciting! This could lead to some amazing research for your family! How cool!