Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Why Am I Still Up? Yup, Can't Get A Slice Out.

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It is past my bedtime. 

Can you guess why I am still up? Yup, because I haven't hit 'publish' on a blog post for today, yet. 

It is not that I have forgotten. It is not that this is my first chance to sit down and write. In fact, I have drafted one on the computer, one in my notebook, and two in my head. So what's the problem? I'm not sure. They just aren't quite right and for whatever reason I can't get the revisions to flow to the point in which I can put it out there for the world. 

So here I am, everyone else in bed, and I am still staring at the screen. 

I read posts from my RSS feed, looking for inspiration. I read my Facebook feed, looking for distraction. I even get up and do a chore or two and then sit back down and realize the minutes keep ticking by. I have the advantage of being a bunch of hours ahead of EDT, but I need to get something posted before tomorrow morning's alarm goes off. 

I tell my students that a slice has to be more than three sentences and that two paragraphs is a good guideline for a minimum. I wonder what any of them will say if they read this.

Good night.


  1. Your struggle is real. :) Glad you got it done, so you could get some sleep. :)

  2. There are those days when ideas just don't seem like they want to be published yet.

  3. Oh, I am in your shoes today. Hoping for inspiration to strike later!