Friday, March 23, 2018

10 Fun Facts

23 of 31 - SOLSC 2018

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Jumping on the "Fun Facts" train that appears to have started here this year. 

Without further ado, ten things you might not know about me, in no particular order...

Yellow was my favorite color, until the moment my daughter was born. We didn't know the gender of our child prior to the birth. It was very surprising to me when it, nearly instantly, my favorite color turned to pink. Yellow is a happy color, which is why it previously had top billing.

I know a little bit about a musical called "Hamilton". (There are some who will guffaw at this as an understatement.)

In order for an apple to be enjoyable, who am I kidding, in order for an apple to be edible, it must be crispy.

Eighteen of my summers of were spent at camp, everything from a camper to a director. This was a much more impressive statement when it represented 72% of my summers. It is now down to only 40% of my summers, and decreasing.

I have been to 70 countries (and counting)!

Guilty food pleasures, meaning the things I am mostly to covert about purchasing and eating:
In the U.S. - Chubby Hubby
In Saudi - fresh blueberries

(At one point in my life, chocolate covered gummy bears)

There are only two roads in North America that go over the Arctic Circle; the Prudhoe Bay Haul Road and the Dempster Highway. One summer I drove the Dempster, solo, over solstice. There are a myriad of stories and images from those few days up and back on that black, shale road.

I have handbells to thank for getting to meet my husband. (If you don't know anything about handbells, here is teaser and here is a full concert - both are the group we met through.)

My parents and grandparents were born in the Pacific Northwest and yet, technically, I am not a Seattle native. My parents lived back east when I was born. We moved back to Seattle when I was three and I have no memories of anything else. The Commonwealth birth certificate presents the greatest obstacle to native status.

Menudo and Alyssa Milano posters (mostly thanks to "Bop" magazine) adorned my walls when I was a kid. 


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  2. This is a fun structure which I may have to steal. I'm amazed at the number of countries you've been to. That's quite an accomplishment! And, although I don't anymore, I played in a handbell choir for several years.

  3. Fascinating facts that certainly spark even more questions!

  4. This is a fun list. You and I have summer camp in common! Best memories. I cannot believe that you've driven in the Arctic Circle, though, and have lived in so many countries.