Monday, March 19, 2018

Who Would Have Thought?

19 of 31 - SOLSC 2018

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Saudi Arabia is never a place I dreamed of living. Even when we moved to the Middle East, the thought of living in Saudi never crossed my mind. 

We then became friends with people who had lived in Saudi for years and it still wasn't a thought I entertained. 

When we lived in Jordan we would often vacation in Dahab, Egypt. We spend numerous hours looking east, across the Red Sea, at the mountains in Saudi Arabia thinking how close they were and how we would never see them. Our last time in Dahab was Spring Break nine years ago.

Now we go camping in those very mountains on a regular basis. 

The thought that struck me this morning was that not only did I never think we would live here, but we are about to have lived in three totally different cities in this country. I smile and shake my head at the mysterious way life unfolds.


  1. It seems like such a faraway place to be. Of course, we all wonder how you got there. And why you are there. And what it's like? Any future posts that will enlighten us?

  2. I am sure you are feeling so nostalgic as you get ready to move on. What memories you will have forever! Funny how life turns out!

  3. It's amazing to me that you live and teach in Saudi Arabia. What brought you there? Such an interesting life!

  4. WOw, how interesting! They just had the younger learners interviewed on 60 Minutes last night. Tell us more if you can.

  5. Until 14 years ago, I had not thought about even visiting the Middle East let alone Saudi. And now I am planning my third visit to Saudi and my sixth to the ME. Thanks for giving me all those wonderful opportunities!!

  6. Ah, you're an international teacher. Several of my current colleagues have taught in Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and in other parts of the Middle East. Each location has its unique charms and benefits that often connect to what stage of life one happens to be in. I wonder where you're headed next and how you'll think about it 5 or 10 years later.

  7. I am enjoying learning about your experiences living and teaching overseas. You have given me a view of Saudi Arabia SO different than how it is usually pictured in the news.

  8. I want to live vicariously through you! So amazing your experiences of living and teaching in the Middle East!