Thursday, March 29, 2018


29 of 31 - SOLSC 2018

The Slice of Life March Challenge is hosted by Two Writing Teachers and part of the Slice of Life Story Challenge that takes place each Tuesday throughout the year and everyday in March. It is a supportive (and awesome!) community of those trying their hand at writing and encouraging others in their writing. Join us!

It really isn't as much about the flight itself, though I would give that up for three clicks of my heals as an alternative. The arduous part is really everything else. (And I'm not even talking about the planing, prep, and packing!)

Once we are ready to head out the door we have to get to the airport. That comes after working a full day at school followed by a drive of more than 300 km. We then have to park the truck and get a taxi to the airport, since there aren't any long term parking options in Jeddah.

Line to get into the airport.
Line to get to the check in counters.
Line at the counters to drop bags.
Line to get to immigration.
Line at immigration.
Line to check we've been through immigration.
Line at security. (Women this way - gents, that way!)
Line to get a snack: Tim Horton's bagel!
Find a place to hang out while we wait.
Line at boarding counter.
Line at passport check.
Line to get on the bus.
Line up the stairs to board the plane.
Line down the aisle to our seats.

Next stop, the "Greatest City In The World!" 


  1. All those lines...I'm tired and cranky just reading about them. ;-) Sure hope you really are headed for the greatest city in the world. You will have earned it!

  2. Ick! I hate the line part of flying!!! And like there are way more, and that they are way longer, than any I do in Denver! I'm wondering what city you are calling the greatest city in the world.