Friday, March 2, 2018

Party At The Bus Stop

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There is a scramble of activity as we walk in the door from school. About ten minutes later our daughter appears, blurting out, "My jobs are done! May I please go to the good-bye party now?"

As we had pulled up to the sidewalk a couple of the neighborhood girls had approached the truck to ask if she could join them. I nodded as she looked from them to me. Knowing we are having guests tonight she explained that she first needed to go home and do a few things.

We've been working on responsibility. When I say 'we', it is true there has been work on all sides. She's been working on doing what she needs to do and being where she says she will be. We have been working on not giving up and locking her in her room until she's 20.

After some very rough patches, the past two weeks have gone very well and she has earned back our trust and some freedom. "Yes, as long as you stay at the bus stop and before you go anywhere else you come back here to ask first."

"OK. Thanks!" and she's off.

We settle in, beginning our weekend with an episode of "The West Wing", which we are on our way through for the umpteenth time. We don't expect to get the luxury of finishing it because our friends should arrive shortly, but the physical moment of stopping after a busy week of school is appreciated.

I receive a message part way through the episode saying they have made a stop and will be later than anticipated. When they finally message that they are at the gate of the compound, we walk out to the truck. My husband will drive out to schlep in anything they are wanting to bring in with them and I will tell the little one they have arrived. 

"Do you think she will still be at the bus stop?" I ask.


We both expect he is correct, but hope to be wrong. As we round the corner we hear voices at the bus stop and look at one another with wide eyes. Hope of her success soars.

I arrive at the bus stop as he drives by. Several sets of parents are enjoying the shade and afternoon breeze while they talk among themselves, but no kids are there. 



  1. Uh oh! Sounds like someone is testing you...

  2. You do such a lovely job of getting your reader's attention and using suspense to keep us wondering how the evening will end. Will she be waiting at the bus stop? I look forward to reading your posts this month.

  3. Hope of success soars,
    patient under the guise
    of childhood wanderings.
    Trust is the currency
    for a seat on this bus,
    heading into forward
    days unknown.

    -- Line-lifting for some poetry comments. Pardon my intrusions.

  4. Maybe you showed up early? Will she be coming soon after this? I am in suspense...I hope there's a part 2! Thank you for sharing!

  5. You had me, I truly thought you were going to be surprised. I loved how you ended in a single word that summed up my sentiments perfectly, too!

  6. Oh, bummer! Nice ending, Kristi.

  7. I agree it is a nice ending, it kept me wondering. I especially like the word "Bummer" it sets the tone for me. Great post!