Saturday, March 31, 2018

We Made It!

31 of 31 - SOLSC 2018

The Slice of Life March Challenge is hosted by Two Writing Teachers and part of the Slice of Life Story Challenge that takes place each Tuesday throughout the year and everyday in March. It is a supportive (and awesome!) community of those trying their hand at writing and encouraging others in their writing. Join us!

Brrr! It's cold and early, but I'm up and heading out. I'm trying my luck in the Hamilton standby line this morning.

The things we do for our children!

It's possible I'm not back in the room until March has slipped away. Thanks to everyone at Two Writing Teachers for another grand opportunity for showing up and writing every day this month.

See you all Tuesday!


  1. Hope you get in! Next March you will be writing from your new home. Hope to continue seeing you on Tuesdays.

  2. Thanks for so much encouragement and kindness this month. All the best for your transition into a new learning community. Good luck on the Hamilton tix!

  3. What a great mom you are to stand out in that cold so your kids can see that awesome play! Enjoy your time together over your break. :-) And thanks for faithfully reading and commenting on my slices this month. I confess that I looked forward to those comments every day, so much that I felt as if I would have let you down if I failed to write one day. Thank you!!!