Sunday, March 4, 2018

Bumping Into Toby

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"I'm 44." states Toby Ziegler in the midst of a scene. I can not tell you what the scene was about, without looking it up, as that line bumped me clean out of the episode ("Enemies Foreign and Domestic", for anyone playing along at home.)

I'm a huge fan of The West Wing. I watched the entire series when it first aired, starting with watching it on NBC each week and finishing with episodes that were mailed to us in Jordan. (This was long before there were such things as streaming.)

I have subsequently watched the entire series many times over. Currently we are listening to "The West Wing Weekly" while re-watching, yet again. This is what brings me to Toby's line. I have never noticed Toby quantifying his age before. And it hasn't mattered. of course Toby is older than I am. That's all I need to know.

I was in my late 20s as I got to know Toby, in his 40s. He hasn't aged in the 16 years that have passed since I first saw this episode. The reason this line bumps me out of the scene is that somehow I am now older than Toby!


  1. I've watched a little, but my kids love watching it. Amazing how the stars on a series don't age while we do! It's lovely to have a show that you enjoy so much.

  2. I loved West Wing but I didn't remember it as an NBC show. I tend to typically seldom watch anything but CBS. I long for predictability and I can relate to "I am 44". . . and more!

  3. Has your perception of him and his character changed as you've aged? I've found when I've gone back and watched favorites from my earlier years I relate to different characters than I did back then. I love West Wing as well and know exactly the episode you're referring to!

  4. Love the West Wing! Hate when I realize how old I am. I'm almost as old as Toby. He still seems older than 44! I find I need that show more and more lately :)

  5. West Wing is comfort food. Thank you for reminding me.