Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Prophetic Post

28 of 31 - SOLSC 2018

The Slice of Life March Challenge is hosted by Two Writing Teachers and part of the Slice of Life Story Challenge that takes place each Tuesday throughout the year and everyday in March. It is a supportive (and awesome!) community of those trying their hand at writing and encouraging others in their writing. Join us!

This day, each year, is crazy. Spring Break starts at 3:10 this afternoon. Before that is our Science Fair. I feel like I write the exact same post each year, but looking back I find that I only write it in my mind each year. It has been six years since the thoughts running through my head made it into a slice. You can find it here

The biggest difference is that I'm now at a 'no homework' school, thus all of the work has been done in my classroom. The outcome is the same. Before I post again we will all have survived the day, students will feel a sense of accomplishment, parents will have been pleasantly surprised with the level of maturity and depth of work their child accomplished independently, and spring break will have sprung. So, I guess this is a prophetic slice, but years of experience tell me that it will be so.


  1. Knowing how things usual work gives mental space to create. Hope everything goes smoothly this last day.

  2. Good luck today! Sounds like Spring Break will be especially welcome after Science Fair all day...

  3. I wonder what it would be like to teach and learn in a no homework school. This fascinates me. Happy spring break!

  4. I took the time to read your earlier post about why you host a science fair. Though your students may not realize it, they are SO lucky to have you as their teacher. You are providing realistic opportunities for them to grow as self-directed learners. You are also SO smart to have the presentations the last day before spring break. ;-) Enjoy your time off!