Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Snail's Life (or two)

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Sammy has a new habitat, a clear terrarium with a red, plastic, ventilated lid. There is even a back drop that has been printed and taped to this home. (The girls thought it was the Grand Canyon, but I assured them it is Monument Valley. I did not ask about the reasons behind the desert locale.)

Yes, it looks like 5D has a class pet.

Oh, and it wasn't Sammy yesterday, apparently it was Steve. Now that it is a class pet there was a vote and the name Sammy won.

When I inquired about Sammy's origins I learned that the snail was found in a garden area on the school's grounds.

The funniest part is when the student came to confess. Today's snail is not the same snail as yesterday. She wasn't allowed to take the snail home last night. She let Steve go in the area in which she had found him. This morning, new habitat in tow, she went to find him, thrilled to find a snail of a similar size. Everyone agrees it is a different snail. Sammy is slightly smaller than Steve and much less active.

Now they are asking for permission to go look for Steve as well.


  1. Sammy, Steve - I think the kids could bring Sally too. Your snail stories were funny. The real ones, not the internet one, sorry for that.

  2. I love the student's confession. I just laughed!

  3. I love hearing how this whole class pet...Steve or Sammy...evolved. It was good that the girl released Sammy where she had found him...and then...searching for him...she found a similar one...and everyone is okay with that. Is Steve going to get a friend? Jackie

  4. This cracked me up! I love that the girl set Steve (or Sammy) free, found another one and then confessed... Thanks for the laugh.