Saturday, March 22, 2014

Floating on a McLeod

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Dana tweeted. I replied.

Eight hours later I check my email and I have a bunch of new Twitter followers.


And then I see it.

McLeod tweet

Scott McLeod not only replied to myself and Dana, but then he also posted my link! (It is this post that I wrote for COETAIL in May of 2012 and cross posted on this blog when I wrote it.)

I feel like I've been allowed to sit at the 'cool kids' table, even if just for a moment. (I really did meet Scott at a conference. He actually sat at the table I was having lunch at, but I am SURE that is because Dana and I were sitting together.)

If you don't know who Scott McLeod is, you aren't steeped in the world of educational technology. I remember reading this article and that was in 2010!

Anyway, my moment of 'fame' is already fading away, but I am heading to bed with a huge grin, floating on a McLeod.


  1. Kristi, this is pretty funny! Thanks for the kind words. Please let me know I can be of support to you. Am happy to share your awesomeness anytime!

  2. Kristi, you constantly crack me up and I love how your voice comes through in everything you do! Keep floating and reaching for the stars, they are yours for the taking.