Monday, March 10, 2014

Wake up time

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As I wrote about here, we've adjusted the little one's bed time recently. The later bed time, so far, has been a positive change. We actually have time in the evening to do something besides get home from school, have dinner, and get ready for bed. I am enjoying the stretching of the evening.

The new time seems to do the trick. She has not been out of bed, roaming around after bed time. We fiddle around by 15 minutes, or so, until we found what seems to be the magic number. As far as we can tell she is going pretty much straight to sleep. That is the goal so I think we settle into the new time, at least for a while.

Many mornings I am still waking her up. I think part of this is that she likes to pretend she is asleep for those special wake up moments. I can appreciate that and try to bring a smile to her face in the process.

What is baffling to me is how, on weekends, when we adjust the 'wake up time' to be 7:30, rather than the 6:30 our schedule requires during the week, she is up singing and playing before six!

This early phenomenon gives me reason to wonder what time she is really awake on a week day, and just lying there, waiting. Since she has always been a morning person (one of God's little jokes) she often gets some alone time in her room before it is time to get up. I just wish she would do it quietly, so at least I could enjoy the extra sleep time.

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  1. The scheduling is tricky with the little ones. You don't want her to go to bed when she is not sleepy, nor do you want her to stay up too late, and she isn't ready yet to indicate when is the right time. I hope your schedule change goes smoother than you expect.