Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Forecast: Rain all week

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We need rain, desperately. And with our non-winter there is no snow in the mountains for spring runoff. Most buildings already have to have water trucked in because the municipal supply is not enough. (This is true for some people since last October.) So a forecast of rain is a good thing.

Plus, I love the rain. I'm a Seattle girl. Give me grey skies for days on end with drizzle and drops falling, on and off, throughout the day and night. A week of rain? Bring it on!

I made sure everyone was prepared. Rain coats? Check. Boots? Check. Appropriate socks (and an extra pair)? Check. Alternative footwear for the school day (appropriate for that day's activities)? Check.

We headed down the hill under a grey sky on wet pavement.

Then the clouds cleared, the sun came out, and a beautiful blue sky was seen. For hours.

Phew! The sky darkened.

Wait, the sun came back and the deep blue sky is showing again (and we didn't even get any rain!)

I have come to realize that a week of rain in Beirut is nothing like a week of rain in Seattle. Instead of an entire week of grey there are a few hours - total. Instead of constant precipitation, in some form, there are short burst of drops for a few minutes at a time here and there.

Finally, today, we had a couple of hours of mostly clouds and several rain shows and some drizzle. We even got to walk home in it.

Three days down and two to go of our "week of rain". It is good for the refugees living in tents, but not good for either those from the Northwest nor the country's water table.

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