Monday, March 3, 2014

How much sleep is needed?

I am not even talking about how much I need. Recently we have realized that we needed to revisit our daughter's bed time. She had been needing about 12 hours for the past several years. In the past month she has gone to bed at the same time, but hasn't fallen asleep for an hour or more and is often up before her clock turns yellow, even if she had been acting tired. Perhaps it is time for a change.

Our research shows that 11 hours is reasonable for a one who creeping up on five. We are actually excited to have more time in the evenings together, but it is an adjustment. After years of coming home, getting dinner on the table, and then starting the bed time routine the extra time feels both luxurious and neglectful.

We will get used to the new schedule. (She seems to have already.) What will it mean as we head into the coming weeks and months? She really wants to have piano lessons. Is this possible now? In the summer we can actually hang out with people in the evening. We are excited for that! I have no idea what else it will bring. She is really enjoying chapter books, perhaps we can lengthen reading time in the evening to encompass both picture books and a few chapters. Any other ideas?


  1. Enjoy that extra time! Games, reading together, going for a walk after dinner - now that the days are getting longer, you can soon head to the playground after dinner!

  2. And that means at camp Grandma can stay up later too!