Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Another Classmate's Birthday Party

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Today we didn't have school due to Feast of the Annunciation (only 9 months 'til Christmas). My little one still got plenty of time to play with her classmates, thanks to a birthday party.

Birthday parties here are not like birthday parties I have been to in the States. (It may be my circle of friends in the U.S. because I am sure with other crowds these parties exist there as well.) Never-the-less, a party invitation here is only rejoiced over by one member of our family. I sure don't enjoy them.

She does! All of the kids appear to. And, since that is the point, we still go.

Daddy will never have to experience one. Why? He is neither the mother nor the nanny. (No, we don't have one.) More than half of the kids arrive with both. There are some that come only with their moms. (You probably won't be surprised to know that the ones I seem to gravitate to the most are in this latter category.) And moms get dressed for these events, having their hair done, etc. Again, if you know me you realize how much this isn't my thing.

And, as I texted my husband, today's was worse than usual. Generally the place for the moms to sit is removed from the noise and chaos, but today it was too loud for there even to be conversation. (The upside to this, for me, was that I wasn't left out of the Arabic only chit-chat.) I will stop my grumbling now. We survived with only one of us in tears. (She didn't push and shove hard enough to get any candy from the piƱata.)

Five more days until our next one. Oh, joy!


  1. Sounds like how I feel at almost any party. I sympathize!

  2. Sorry for the experience. Sorry for the tears of the little one. Interesting how perspectives can be so different - for some moms it sounds like an important event.

  3. I don't know how I have missed your blog....but glad I have found it:-)) Sounds stressful, and you are a good mom....this was very interesting to read about....so sorry about the tears....:-(