Friday, March 21, 2014

Five Bits of Randomness from Today

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They believe they have located Steve. We now have two class pets.


This paper airplane challenge has been a long time coming and perhaps food for fodder when it isn't 2+ hours past my bed time.


Happy Mother's Day to those in the Arab world. G sang a couple of songs to me in Arabic this morning, one being "Happy Mother's Day" to the tune of "Happy Birthday". She also made me a card that reads,
"To. Momy. i lv yo. yoy mac me smil
Hape Matherz Day
oso Dade"


IMG_2398Four of us moms ended up sitting at a table enjoying this view at the end of our day/week.


I came home to finalize the music selections for worship on Sunday prior to the Worship Team practicing at our house tonight. (Now I just have to get my sermon tidied up before then.) When rehearsal was over they sight read a bit and I snuck a recording, which you can listen to here.

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