Saturday, March 15, 2014

Counting on Fingers

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This morning, at my daughter's request, the two of us sat and had tea together. My favorite part of our teas are the conversations. We meandered through topics and rested on her grandparents visiting in a few weeks.

She has all kinds of plans for their visit, dates are part of them. The girls will go on a date and then the boys will go on a date. She held up three fingers on one hand, to represent the girls, and two fingers on the other hand, to represent the boys. She then counted her fingers and declared that there were five of us, "Because three plus two is five".

She then proceeded to show three fingers on each hand and, without counting her fingers, told me, "Three plus three is six".

I asked her how she knew that. Her reply was that six is one more than five. (Remember, she won't be five until the end of May.)

The pattern was repeated, adding one finger to each alternating hand and declaring the sum of her fingers, without stopping to count them, until all ten fingers had been used.

I just shook my head, chuckling and then went to tell Daddy, once again, how in trouble we are.


  1. Are little ones amazing? My almost four year olds pull off stuff like this and I just shake my head too in wonder. I absolutely love that she was able to explain her thinking and with so much confidence! :)

  2. I love when they figure out these landmark ideas and can't wait to share that THEY TOO are part of the big world of learning.