Friday, March 28, 2014

"Learning In Progress"

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Most grade levels at our school have some kind of learning celebration where they invite the parents and put on a bit of a show. I love that my team doesn't want to 'put on a show'. Instead we had two days of "Learning in Progress".

We opened our doors to parents. They were invited into the classroom anytime we were teaching yesterday and today, in order to catch a glimpse of what life is like in our class. We then did what we always do.

I am proud of my students. For the most part they were able to forget the 'audience' and be true to who they have been for the past 7+ months. Yes, behavior improves with parents in the room. (And I did point out, in Morning Meeting on Wednesday, that even if their parent wasn't there that moms talk.) But this afternoon (and a lovely, sunny, spring day at that) they were starting to get squirrely. I know we were all happy to say, "Have a great weekend!"

Nearly all of my students' families were represented at some point. Several kids had both parents peek in for a while. It is interesting to note that it is my students who struggle the most to make good choices that didn't have a parent come (though one had been in the building during this time). <Big sigh.>

Our learning is in progress. In math. In literacy, In social studies. As we integrate technology. As we learn to speak to one another in respectful ways. As we share our thoughts. I am glad the parents got to see it.


  1. What an absolutely wonderful slice on a Friday afternoon....something to be very proud of:-) I do wish we had some sunshine here....but no.......enjoy your weekend:-)

  2. That's a smart idea --- a "learning in progress" day. I'm sure your parents enjoyed having an opportunity to see their children at work and spend some time in the classroom. How brave of you to managed people in and out over two days of instruction.


  3. It's wonderful to open up classroom doors to parents. We don't do that enough, and the results are almost always positive. Glad it went well for you!