Sunday, March 16, 2014

It Takes Longer To Get Anywhere Now

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I am sure my husband encouraged it. In fact, he may even have started it. What I know for sure is that walking anywhere around town takes longer now. Why? Because G has to tell you what kind of car every. single. one. is.

Every car that is parked. Every care we pass or that passes us. And if she doesn't know, she wants to know. She will then discuss how you can tell it is this new type of car and then discuss the similarities and differences with the other cars in near proximity.

Mercedes, Honda, BMW, Toyota, Peugeot, Audi, Jaguar (sometimes called cheetah by mistake), Hyundai, Chevrolet, Jeep, Kia, Mini, Renault, Chery, and more. (In fact, on the way home from church today there was a Bentley, so that is now added to the list.)

This was really cute when our nephew was young, even just learning to talk. I am not so sure that it is as endearing in our 4 1/2 year old daughter.

What I know for sure is that is takes longer to get anywhere now.


  1. Haha! I enjoyed reading this post. My brother used to do something similar with types of trucks. When he was at that stage, I was in middle school and I learned a lot more about trucks than I ever wanted to! =)

  2. So funny! You told it well! Can't believe you saw a Bentley!

  3. I can imagine that slows you down a lot. Wow!

    One summer I interned at an age agency and I was on the Bentley account. Did you know that Bentleys are supposed to be driven by the owner NOT a driver. (Rolls Royces are supposed to be driven by a driver and the owner sits in the back.) Just a little tidbit for you in case your daughter sees another one around town. ;)