Saturday, March 20, 2021

Energized and Exhuasted (20/31)

  20 of 31 - SOLSC 2021

Spring break this year culminates with the TCRWP's Saturday Reunion. A friend messaged me after the closing session, "I’m energized and exhausted at the same time."

Yes; I am this as well. 

As I write these words I realize it applies to more than simply the end of nearly five hours of continual sessions, though that is a part of it. I will sleep on it all and tomorrow go through my notes, consolidating my thinking. I will then have a chance to process with another coach, followed by a chance for my teachers and myself to gather (virtually) and share what was sparked in us. 

The exhausted part comes from five hours of intake, five hours of thinking, five hours of information to contemplate.

The energized part will be what has me pop out of bed in the morning when the alarm goes off, ready to think about the next three months. Excited to see what nuggets may help unstick some classes or units.

I am also exhausted because 'it's been a year' and everything that the past year has and hasn't involved. Worn out from being at home and parenting. Weary from being out of the building, away from teachers and students.

And yet energized because school is out in less than three months (and there is still Eid break as well). Invigorated knowing that we have reached the summit and can look down the mountain and let gravity help us get there. There's still a bunch of learning that will happen this year. 

I'm ready.


  1. I love your passion and enthusiasm! I've been feeling more tired lately and not as much enthusiastic. I need a jolt of inspiration. So glad you got yours at the TC Reunion!

  2. Yes! Energized and exhausted is exactly how I feel as well. Today inspired my own writing too. =)

  3. The end is in sight! You are the second slice to mention TC Reunion. We are a TC UoS district, but I don't know about this "Reunion." Do tell!

    1. They have one twice a year with a keynote on either end of several hours packed with workshops - and it is free to everyone. For those of us who aren't within striking range of NYC, having them virtual has been grand.

  4. Yes, it is SO much information in such short spurts of time. I appreciate the exhaustion from it all.

  5. No idea why I felt like writing a formula for your write-up. Something like E2 SO4, will figure out why. E2 I already know is Energized and Exhausted, but what’s the SO4?