Monday, March 29, 2021

New Toolbox (29/31)

  29 of 31 - SOLSC 2021

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I see twenty some squares; one teacher, lots of students - some with cameras, some with pictures, some with images.

I hear a student reading classmates possible solutions as shared in the chat box followed by a discussion about patterns students notice across the responses.

And then I notice that the teacher is in a passenger in a car. Not only is she in a car, the scenery outside the windows is changing.

I think she must have had something come up. 

I no longer hear her nor do I see any movement coming from her square. This is followed a deafening silence. I later realized it might have been one second, two maximum.

Clicking unmute to vamp, my brain is tracking with her and continue the directions she had been in the middle of sharing, hoping I am on track with her plans.

A chat appears from the teacher, further prompting us down the path - and then she's back. 

I marvel at how smoothly it all happens. She continues to teach, from the back seat of vehicle making its to and from who knows where, not missing a beat. The teaching point slide appears on the screen followed by video clips that push our thinking with their examples. Teachers are a wonder - and now they have a whole new toolbox mastered.


  1. It is pretty amazing how much and how quickly teachers have learned during this insanely long year. All the hiccups of last spring, and now "She continues to teach, from the back seat of vehicle making its to and from who knows where, not missing a beat. " Awesome!

  2. Whoa, I definitely do not have this skill in my toolbox yet. Teaching while in a moving vehicle is taking it to a whole other level. I like how you started and ended this slice... with so many moving parts. Well done.

  3. That might be fun to try!
    The students also are heroes... I was just telling mine today how much it means when they show up, turn up, despite the demotivation. They do show up and try and be on task. The struggle is real, and they're coping very well. I'm very proud of them!

  4. Life just gives us the tools to use. As soon as we learn to juggle between the tools we have, we are given another to juggle with, and the challenge continues.