Wednesday, March 20, 2019

A Slice (20/31)

20 of 31 - SOLSC 2019

How did I post late at night for all those years? How did I make it through March after March, living my day, on the lookout for small moments, and then find the energy to fashion words to the page before falling into bed at night? I was a successful "Late Night Slicer", but no longer.

Perhaps it was because I started in my 30s.

Perhaps it was having a very young child kept me running at a higher rpm, always.
Perhaps it was my husband working insane hours so my evenings were mine - with no chance of time together.

Whatever it was, it isn't any longer. 

I still heighten my senses as a writer during March, knowing that I will be responsible for crafting something each day. The big difference seems to be that now, when the clock is pushing three, all I can think of is being 'done' - 'stick a fork in me; done', and heading home. If my slice hasn't been written, I'm not sure what - if anything - will show up on the page.

This month started strong! I wrote before the day was done, but as a post for the following day - just waiting for the New York clock to strike midnight. It felt so good!

The past ten days have been a struggle; not everyday, but struggle enough. The calendar says we've made it two thirds of the way through the month. It's time to dig deep and finish strong. Time to post this and drive home, thinking through the moment of my days, mentally crafting what I shall write next.


  1. I end up writing after (or during) dinner every day- not when my energy is highest, but the only "free" time I have that I can devote to writing. I dream of drafting ahead, but alas,...

  2. Writing about your writing made for a clever piece today! Glad your sticking with it for the next 10 days!

  3. "Stick a fork in me done...." great line, and you made me laugh It is true that this blog makes us look for the hidden gems in every day events to write about
    Hang in there. Sounds like you are doing a great job of balancing!

  4. I don't know why I register sometimes as unkonw I go by irishdaybreak the comment about and this one are mine