Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Change Of Plans (12/31)

12 of 31 - SOLSC 2019

Mini-Lesson ready.
Teaching Point noted.
Materials in hand.
Anchor Chart planned.

"Ring", the ten minute calendar reminder dings as I dash back to my office to grab the things I need. Heading up the stairs to the Middle School, reviewing the teaching point in my mind, I think about how much I love my coaching job.

Walking through the propped open doorway I greet the hosting teacher, kids settling into their meeting spots. We stand beside the easel, each realizing the teacher we were bringing to this model lesson is absent.

"Shall we save it for tomorrow?"

She nods as I turn to the students. 

"You've just witnessed what teachers do all the time - they plan for a lesson to go a particular way and then something happens and they completely change their plan. You'll have to wonder what I am going to teach you and I'll be back a different day to share it with you." I say, smiling at the teacher, and heading back down the hallway.