Sunday, March 3, 2019

Meal Planning - A Poem (3/31)

3 of 31 - SOLSC 2019

Pull out recipes
from books, files, my mind, and online
Get lost in the possibilities
until time ticks by
Flip over the shopping list
write days and ideas
Cross reference cupboards, fridge, freezer, and panty
with recipes; ideas
All ingredients accounted for
pass off the list as he heads to the store


  1. Meal planning - well done. And how awesome that you turned this experience into a poem. I find more often than I wish that I have made no plans and then have no ideas of what to cook for dinner. I have become rather skillful at making "What's in the cupboard?" dishes.

  2. OH! I love it: "Pass off the list as he heads to the store." I pass those lists off, too. And I also text those lists sometimes accompanied with a snapshot so the right product gets into his cart. I rarely go to a grocery store and when I do it takes me hours because I'm like a kid in a candy store looking at all the "prepared items." Happy Sunday!

  3. This is a great way to plan a meal, Kristi. I do love your last lines just like Alice does. I often pass the list to my husband. Alice had a great idea too. Take a snapshot of what I want so the buyer can be sure what I need. Happy Sunday!

  4. I like how this reads like a nursery rhyme. I need to say it to myself like this every week.


  5. I love how you basically just summed up my weekend! (Although I do the grocery shopping to!) I love meal planning on the weekend to be prepared for the busy week ahead.

  6. I sooo want this to be part of my weekly routine! I like how you're mixing up the kinds of pieces you do each day! --clumbra45 (Callie)

  7. Meal planning is one of those things that I love to do. It releases some anxiety as I look at recipes and plan for my busy week. I used to think I would love for someone else to do the shopping. But these days as a mom of two very attached littles, I think I will stretch my solo trips to the grocery store out a little longer. ��

    I loved the visualization as you wrote about your method.

    Stopping by from

  8. I like the way the poem ended. Introducing another person, someone to help.