Saturday, March 16, 2019

But Not Today (16/31)

16 of 31 - SOLSC 2019

and blue sky

Blue sky
and sun

blue sky,
few wisps of clouds

Blue sky and sunny

This sky is the same
day after day after day

But not today

This morning there's fog

Clearing later
to blue sky
and sun


  1. One could do worst than sunny blue skies on repeat! And then there’s the unexpected, the fog, at the end. The shape of your poem embodies its meaning.

  2. Yes, blue skies and sun sounds great (unless you need rain!) I like the change of order in the repetition.

  3. So happy to see blue here but then as we left an evening dinner out, the rain tormented us on the ride home... I watched headlights in my lane and thank God there was enough room on the shoulder for me to move to... but I'm home and patiently waiting for light even though the wind is ripping right now.. I NEED SPRING, REAL SPRING!

  4. Sweet simplicity here. Fog - my husband told our boys when they were small that fog is from "the rabbits making soup." I can't shake the image. Love the circular repetition in your verse.

  5. Great poem slice! I love the "but not today" as the introduction to the fog! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I am envious of the blue sky and sun. I like how you mix up the word order a bit in your first few stanzas so that we readers can get the repetitive aspect of your weather. And your title is great.

  7. Fog here, too! Loved reading your poem and then gazing out across the field! Kind of mystical! Thanks for the poem!!

  8. You captured the weather in few words so well. Some of us would love boring blue skies!
    I attempted to write a quick poem about weather today too!

  9. Love it! The sun and your poem... as I read, I felt like doing a happy dance.