Sunday, March 17, 2019

Rolling By (17/31)

17 of 31 - SOLSC 2019

The dream faded slowly, replaced by pain in my head. The room was pitch dark - the house quiet; some time in the middle of the night. Rolling over I grappled for my phone, with the press of a button a soft light showed 3:12 a.m. The pain still in my head, legs about to swing out from under the covers, I heard a rumbling. 

Oh! If there is a storm about to start that explains the pain in my head and perhaps I won't need to take anything - the pain will burst with the rain. 

I pad across the tiles to the bathroom watching the room briefly illuminate as lightning flashes across the sky. Back to the cozy sheets, listening to the rain drive down; rumbling turning to crashes, I sit in bed scrolling through Facebook.

The storm and the pain roll away and I'm snuggled back into bed for another hour of sleep.


  1. Hopefully your migraine is all gone by now and the sky has cleared up!

  2. The weather is such a catalyst for me too. I get reg headaches though, not migraines thank goodness. I hope that doesn't happen every time though for you! Happy Sunday

  3. That happen to responsible people! They get migraines over the weekend ;(. I hope is gone by now and you didn´t have to take anything!

  4. Glad this slice ended more positive... the weather has been driving me crazy...