Wednesday, March 27, 2019

That Moment... (27/31)

27 of 31 - SOLSC 2019

That moment when you notice the sky that was pitch black with a hint of deep purple just a moment ago is now blue, tingled with violet 34,000 feet above the earth. 

That moment when you realize that this airport is one you know well enough for a very efficient traversing; which bathroom will be empty, when to use the moving sidewalk and when to just keep walking, the duty free shop that will not only have what you need, but also won't put you at the back of the immigration line because you know to not take the first, or even second, turn off, and once you have the stamp in your passport and roller bag in tow you know the winding route and system for getting a metered taxi to your hotel.

That moment you doze off in the air conditioning of a Pepto Bismol pink taxi as it escorts you through the traffic of Bangkok.


  1. That moment - what a great way to write a slice! I’m intrigued with the Pepsi Bismal pink taxi!

  2. wow... I want to hear more... I spent a month in Chiang Mai and the Bangkok at all...

  3. Yup, some airports are all to familiar, for better or worse! You captured it well!